Sterling Tobacco Accessories

Save postage by ordering these accessories when ordering your favorite Sterling/1776 tobacco.

5 – 3/4” Brass Pipe Screens $0.30 - Hold a screen over your pipe bowl and with a pencil eraser gently press the center of the screen down to the bottom of the bowl. The screen prevents tobacco from plugging the air hole so you can enjoy a hassle free smoke. It also allows the draught to flow evenly throughout the bowl which helps the tobacco to burn coolly and completely.

Imco Pipe Lighter $10.15 - This inexpensive butane and flint lighter is perfect for a pipe smoker. A generous tank of butane lasts a long time and has a viewing window so you can refill before running out. Pull on the flint wheel and you find a spring tension adjustment and a spare flint.

MT pipe reamer $6.00 - Control the carbon in the bowl of your pipes to prevent cracking the briar.

Zipper Tobacco Pouch (vinyl) $5.95 - An imitation leather tobacco pouch with a zipper closure and rubber liner.

Folding Tobacco Pouch (leather) $33.95 - A real leather tobacco pouch with a surgical rubber lining and folds over to close.

Heavy Duty Plastic Zip Lock Tobacco Bags 6”x 4” x .004"thick – 6 for $0.50

Heavy Duty Plastic Zip Lock Tobacco Bags 6”x 6” x .004"thick – 6 for $0.60

Bargain Tobacco – Bargain tobacco is still just $17 per pound!

Cork Knocker $2 - Glue this knocker to the bottom of your ash tray to empty your pipe without breaking your pipe.

Rubber Pipe Bits $2 – 3 bits per package, makes it easier to hold your pipe between your teeth with less fatigue.

Pipe Bowl Cover $2 – Spring loaded cover keeps wind out of the bowl and keeps sparks in.

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