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Sterling Tobacco Co. Testimonials

P.O. Box 1151, Sterling, Il 61081, (815) 626-1706. 800) 891-7761

You may send us a testimonial by filling out and sending Sterling Tobacco the following Form

Thank you for the excellent service! I have to tell you that I prize your tobacco above all others. There are a few other brands I like very much, though I almost always prefer yours.

I’ve loved just about everything I’ve tried of yours but my absolute favorites are Double Eagle, Sweet Briar, Sterling Five Star and the most recently tried and my new favorite… Chairman of The Board.

My friend playfully re-christened Chairman of the Board as “Sherlock Holmes Esquire,” convinced this would be the english blend he’d have favored. Though I can’t speak for him I can say for myself it is the absolute best english blend I have ever had and I cannot get enough of it. I hope you always have it available.

Onward to business..... I’d like to order some more.

“Thank you so much for sending out my British Grenadier and 1776 Tavern so quickly- even before receiving my check (which you should have by now...)- I was dying- as I was all out of your tobacco, and only had some other brands which I had tried, and which I had become tired of in short order. Now I can have me a good smoke tonight...way ahead of schedule! Your tobacco is the best- and your service is outstanding!” R.A. Kentucky

“Thank you …for the Boston whaler …it came just in time for the weekend. Fast shipping and good quality tobacco, i have let a few associates sample as well, all enjoyed the blend. I enjoy the aroma and smooth flavor, nice work.” A.M. Colorado

“Thank you for the shipment. The tobacco (Old Dominion) is delicious.” E.P. Michigan

“I have to say each different tobacco is better than the last one I have enjoyed. I began on Thursday evening with the "1776 Old Dominion" very nice looking and nose to it and so very mild. Nice and ok, nothing wrong with the tobacco, just I want something more from my smoking experience.

Then on Friday, I tried the " 1776 British Grenadier". I thought to myself that is a great pipe I can enjoy a lot. This is getting better and more of what I would like from such good tobacco.

Well then, the reason for me writing so much and in this semi-chronological way, is that last night (Saturday) I had a pipe of "1776 Tavern". Oh my goodness, is that an awesome tobacco! It has to be the very best tobacco and pipe full I have ever smoked ...right to the bottom of the bowl. I cannot describe this fully except to say that the aroma and flavors are so very enjoyable. It is so rich. This is better than the best cigars that I ever had....this is the experience that I have been looking for....Thank you!” A.M. Canada

“hey just to let you know I got my (tobacco) the other day and wow I love the 1776 tavern a lot it is awesome and as when I get ready to order more tobacco I'm coming your way” K.S. North Carolin

“Wow! What an unexpectedly SPEEDY reply! How wonderful to deal with a tobacco company where they actually respond to their customers in such a timely manner - whether that customer happens to be a potential customer or a long-standing customer. I appreciate that very much! By the way, I will be posting a very positive line or two in the "Ladies of the Briar" online group about your super-fast reply, which once again, I find delightfully refreshing in this day and age of mostly impersonal business transactions I just now noticed that another woman pipe smoker already has done just that online, and I soon will be adding my own little post, with something along the lines of; "my first impression of the folks at Sterling Tobacco is that these guys are AWESOME!" S.C. Washington

Jack, your 1776 blends are awesome, especially the Bostonian. I'll be ordering more soon.

After reading an article about Sterling Tobacco, I decided to give them a try. All I can say is that the blends I ordered are FABULOUS!!! I can honestly say I think have found my "perfect" English blends. I've smoked a lot of English blends in the past and the British Grenadier, Freedom, and Patriot Blends are right at the top. They are smooth and tasty. Perfect for an evening on the porch or anytime of day for that matter. I look forward to trying Sterling's other blends. I'm sure I'll be equally pleased!! ~ TLD

Just received my very first order of pipe tobacco from you. I started with Double Eagle. I can't believe I have missed out on this for so many years. The minute I looked at it, touched it, smelled it, I knew it was blended by someone who truly loves pipes and pipe tobacco. Then I smoked it. Wow. What a fabulous traditional American Burley pipe tobacco! I thought I had tried everything out there (and I know I have damn near done so). But not this. What a gem! Thanks so much. ~ Gilbert K.

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